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The LSCC is pleased to provide a library of educational programs that can be used at Regional Meetings and Shows, as well as for presenting at your local coin clubs. There are both general and series-specific programs, and can be downloaded to your local computer for tailoring and presenting. The presentations are date-stamped, so please check back from time to time for any updates, as well as newly-added presentatons.

These Powerpoint presentations have Speaker Notes, to supplement the slides themselves. To view the Speaker Notes, select View --> Notes Page within PowerPoint.

Library of Educational Programs

General Programs

Introduction to Liberty Seated Coinage - LSCC (pptx, 30 mb, March 2019)

Overrated/Underrated Liberty Seated Coins - Dennis Fortier, et al (pptx, 6.1 mb, March 2019)

Carson City Issues of Liberty Seated Coinage - LSCC (pptx, 30.6 mb, July 2018)

Liberty Seated Fakes - Counterfeits and Altered Coins - John Frost (pptx, 15.2 mb, March 2019)

Working With Images - John Frost (pptx, 3.1 mb, March 2019)

Series-specific Programs

Double Dimes and the Amazing Find at the Carson City Mint - John Frost (pptx, 22 mb, March 2019)

What You Probably Didn't Know About 1861-O Half Dollars - Bill Bugert (pptx, 7 mb, March 2019)

Liberty Seated Dollars - Osburn/Cushing/Frost/Feldman (pptx, 14.5 mb, February 2019)

Silver Dollars - 1834 to 1883 - John Frost (pptx, 8.5 mb, May 2018)

FUN 2020 Lecture: How Rare are Seated Dollars? - Osburn-Cushing (pptx, 4.8 mb, Jan 2020)

The Andrew Jackson-Earl-Sevier Gobrecht Dollar - Len Augsburger (pptx, 6.5 mb, June 2017)

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