Why Join the Liberty Seated Collectors Club?

Join the national coin club dedicated to the study and collecting of Liberty Seated coins, with over 600 members nationwide, from Alaska to Florida. There are many reasons why people call the LSCC “the best $30 in numismatics.” Read on…

Benefits of membership

Publications and research

  • Three issues every year of the award winning Gobrecht Journal, the journal of, by, and for the Liberty Seated Collectors Club
  • Monthly E-Gobrecht, an online publication of news, events, columns, and discoveries, available by email or download
Access to series experts
  • Networking with experts on each of the Liberty Seated series, from Half Dimes to Trade Dollars, all eager to share their decades of expertise with you
  • Educational programs and social activities at many regional coin shows around the country
  • Most key Liberty Seated reference books are authored by LSCC members who you can meet at shows and regional meetings
Preferred additional services
  • Free membership in CAC for new members

Knowledge is Power

  • Learn specialized knowledge and leverage it while buying and selling coins
  • Recognize rare die varieties worth a substantial premium
“The knowledge obtained by being a member of the LSCC allowed me to recognize this misattributed coin as a circulated example of a rare proof, one of about 12 known. This one transaction alone pays for my membership in the LSCC for the next 300 years.”

- New England collector

If you collect any Liberty Seated series, even by type, can you afford not to be a member?

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