LSCC Premier Membership Medal - 2018

Membership in the Liberty Seated Collectors Club is special for many passionate collectors addicted to Liberty Seated coinage. To celebrate and capture that passion and LSCC membership legacy, the LSCC produced a customized Premier LSCC Membership medal featuring the member's name and LSCC membership number. The medal design was by accomplished graphic artist James Macor.

The medal was available as a single 1-ounce .999 silver medal, or as a 4-piece set featuring two silver medals (showing each side), a 1-ounce copper medal, and a 1-ounce .999 gold medal. They were provided in custom-designed Capital Plastics holders with special LSCC graphic designs, also designed by Jim Macor.

The medals all have an exquisite proof finish. The obverse features Liberty seated surrounded by the legend LIBERTY SEATED COLLECTORS CLUB and FOUNDED 1973. The reverse consolidates key design elements from all Liberty Seated denominations, 13 stars and PREMIER LSCC MEMBERSHIP legend with the member's name and LSCC number custom engraved in an old-time script at the upper half of the medal.

We thank all who ordered them for their support of the LSCC!

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