Upcoming LSCC Regional Meetings and Events

Annual Meeting - ANA World's Fair of Money, Rosement, IL, Aug 13, 9:00am, Room 5 - Hosted by Gerry Fortin

Carson City Mint Show and Education Fair, Carson City, NV, August 20-21, Nevada State Museum, special exhibit
and 2 educational sessions - Hosted by John Frost

National Battlefield Coin Show, Gettysburg, PA, September 11-12 , Allstar Expo Complex, educational program

Long Beach Coin Expo, Long Beach, CA, September 17, 7:00pm , Rock Bottom Brewery - Hosted Brian Cushing

Denver Coin Expo, Denver, CO, October 22 and 23, 1:00pm, Bourse Floor Education Room - Hosted by Gerry Fortin (Two Sessions)

Rochester Numismatic Association Show, Rochester NY, October 31-November 1, educational programs, Liberty Seated Dime Display by Gerry Fortin

Winter Whitman Baltimore Show, Baltimore, MD, November 6 , 9:00am, Room 301 - Hosted by Len Augsburger

The Liberty Seated Collectors Club is a group of over six hundred collectors and dealers dedicated to the study and attribution of the American silver Liberty Seated coinage of the 19th century. Social interactions at a host of regional meeting venues throughout the United States are a key element of the "LSCC Experience".

The Gobrecht Journal and the E-Gobrecht are the official club publications.. The Gobrecht Journal, is published three times each year in full color and large size format. Issues are 52 pages in length and distributed to club members in March, July, and November. Sample articles from the Gobrecht Journal are available via the "Gobrecht Journal - Facts and Online Articles" link above. Bill Bugert is the Gobrecht Journal Editor. The E-Gobrecht, a monthly electronic email based publication, is distributed to club members and interested non-members at no cost. To receive the E-Gobrecht, send an email to Bill Bugert, Editor requesting to be added to the distribution list. 

The Gobrecht Journal is research orientated and contains articles on all Liberty Seated coinage denominations, from half dimes to Trade dollars. The E-Gobrecht contains information of a more timely nature, such as recent auction sales, LSCC regional meeting announcements and feature articles on new variety discoveries. Advertising within the Gobrecht Journal is available for a fee while advertising in the E-Gobrecht is free if an LSCC club member; contact Editor, Bill Bugert for details concerning both publications.

Joining the LSCC is easy and the $20 annual dues is the Best Value in Numismatics.

Download and print the LSCC Brochure (PDF Format) and mail to Dennis Fortier with payment or used Paypal with membership information.

LSCC Dues Renewal....Paypal now accepted at LSCCdues@gmail.com.

LSCC membership questions, contact LSCC President, Gerry Fortin at Wuximems@hotmail.com.


July 2015 E-Gobrecht is online

- Headline: E-Gobrecht Wins ANA Award!

- LSCC Member in the Spotlight: Mark Verbeck by Tony Barreca

- Gerry Fortin Rare Coins - The Daily Blog by Gerry Fortin

- Previously Unknown and Complete BU Set of Liberty Seated Dollars Turns Up! by W. David Perkins

- Of Fips, Bits, and Picayunes..Some coin terms of the 1840s and 1850s by Jim Laughlin

- The Mysterious Wooden Box from the 19th Century - Part 1 by Paul Kluth

Plus the monthly Auction News (Jim Gray), Regional News (Dennis Fortier), Curious Collector (Len Augsburger), Quarter of the Month (Greg Johnson) and Strike Zone (Rich Hundertmark)


ANA World's Fair of Money - LSCC Annual Meeting Auction is coming soon!

Heritage's Bob Merrill to call the LSCC Auction


Get the Bean in 2015!

CAC Free Submission Program For New LSCC Members

Thanks to John Albanese and his generosity, CAC is providing ten (10) free Seated coinage submission to new LSCC members effective May 1, 2015 through end of year. Thank you to LSCC member Greg Shishmanian for working closely with John and his CAC staff for bringing incremental value to an LSCC membership. Go to the CAC Free Submission Program link for the details!