1853 With Arrows

Counterfeit 102

 Obverse 2: Cast from Genuine Obverse

Reverse B: Cast from Genuine Reverse



Obverse 2                                                             Reverse B


Comments:  Weight at 4.25 grams. Cast from a genuine coin and most likely lead base metal with a possible silver wash. The color is consistent with well circulated, lightly cleaned, seated quarter. The only immediate giveaway as a counterfeit are the die chips in the date and on the reverse at the denomination. Winston noticed those features and cherrypicked this specimen from a dealer's stock. According to Winston, this is a unique piece, but he imagines more examples may be in dealer stocks as this is a very deceptive counterfeit. .

Plate Coin: W. Zack Collection, VG-F Grade Estimate

1853 With Arrows Counterfeits: 101, 102

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