Counterfeit 101

 Obverse 1: Cast from Genuine Obverse

Reverse A: Cast from Genuine Reverse


Obverse 1                                                            Reverse A


Comments: Lettering, device and surfaces are typical of casting. Weakly defined Liberty and shield resulting in blob type features. Reverse devices are poorly defined. Very light weight at 0.7 grams and thin planchet. Normal coin turn die alignment and weak edge reeding. Unknown base metal. This specimen has a slight bend since being so thin.

One can immediately see the difficult with casting contemporary counterfeit half dimes due to small coin diameter and the tiny device elements. This fact coupled with a small profit opportunity from the half dime denomination leads to few specimens being known.

Plate Coin: Stephen Crain Collection, AU Grade Estimate

1871 Counterfeits: 101

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