Counterfeit 102

 Obverse 2: Cast from Genuine Obverse

Reverse A: Cast from Genuine Reverse, C-101 Reverse


Obverse 2                                                           Reverse A


Comments: A second twenty cent piece cast example from lead base metal. No edge reeding and normal coin turn. 20% under weight at 4.0 grams. Interestingly, the reverse mold appears to be the same as the C-101 cast counterfeit while the obverse mold is different. On C-101, the date is close to the base and level while on C-102, the date has a slight downward slope and the bottom loop of the 5 digit is close to the denticles.

Below is a comparison of the C-101 and C-102 reverse images. Note the same exact location of the individual C and C letters in the mintmark.

C-101 Reverse                                                 C-102 Reverse


Rarity: All 20c contemporary counterfeits are very scarce and few have surfaced.

Plate Coin: Stephen Crain Collection, VF-EF Grade Estimate

1875-CC Counterfeits: 101, 102

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