Counterfeit 101

 Obverse 1: Hand Cut Die, Irregular Date and Stars

Reverse A: Hand Cut Die, Crude Letters


Obverse 1                                                             Reverse A


Comments: This counterfeit has features of being cast and made from hand cut dies; made of a brass colored material. Fine, deep reeding with 156 reeds. Diameter measured at 1.202" and weight is 14.77 grams. The date, stars, reverse eagle, and letters were very crudely cut. The eagle is doubled as is the date and stars. Rarity is unknown.

During 2011, what is believe to be a second specimen of 1878 Counterfeit-101 was located in Brian Greer's collection. Greer's example, though lower grade, shares many of the handcut design attributes as with Bugert's specimen. Weight is 13.3 grams and made of brass alloy with strong edge reeding and normal coin turn die alignment. The shape and positioning of HALF DOL. is identical. However, one can argue that the I in AMERICA is wider on the Greer example than that of Bugert's. In the future, a side by side comparison is advised by the two numismatists to determine if there specimens were handcut from the same artist and whether die struck or cast.

Plate Coin: B. Bugert Collection, EF Grade Estimate (top) and B. Greer Collection, VG Grade Estimate (bottom)

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