Counterfeit 101

 Obverse 1: Handcut Die, Large Flower Like Stars, Small Shield

Reverse A: Handcut Die, Small Wreath, Legend


Obverse 1                                                            Reverse A


Comments: Obvious hand cut dies with disproportional devices and a date that is after the termination of silver half dime production. On obverse, stars have a large flower appearance while the date and shield are under sized. On the reverse, the legend and wreath are also under sized when compared to mint struck specimens. A faint New Orleans mintmark is seen above the bow.

Base metal is most likely brass. Weight is only 1.5 grams with medal turn for die alignment. Counterfeit has no reeding and the planchet is somewhat 8 sided in appearance.

One of the more interesting contemporary counterfeits seen in recent memory.

Plate Coin: Stephen Crain Collection, VF Grade Estimate

1874-O Counterfeits: 101

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