Counterfeit 101

 Obverse 1: Chinese Cast from Genuine Obverse, Added Date

Reverse A: Chinese Cast from Genuine Reverse, Added Mintmark


Obverse 1                                                            Reverse A


Comments: This is most likely a modern Chinese counterfeit due to bold device throughout obverse and reverse. Date digits are obviously different that mint struck coinage and typical Chinese workmanship. Surfaces are grainy and typical of a cast counterfeit. Weight is 1.3 grams (mint spec is 1.34 grams) with strong reeding and normal coin turn die alignment. Reeding is missing below the date area and most likely the mold inlet. Base metal is unknown but Chinese cast counterfeits have a high percentage tin in their base metal.

The LSCC contemporary counterfeit archives does not usually list modern Chinese counterfeits. However, Chinese counterfeits of United States half dimes are seldom if ever seen. Therefore it was decided to post this example to help those individuals researching half dime counterfeits.

Plate Coin: Steve Crain Collection, EF-AU Grade Estimate

1841-O Counterfeits: 101

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