Counterfeit 101

 Obverse 1: Irregular and Oversized Date Digits

Reverse A: Crude Device Elements


Obverse 1                                                 Reverse A


Silvered Example From Greer Collection   


Example From Lathrop Collection


Silvered Example From Majtyka Collection


Comments: A crude example from poorly engraved dies with weight of 2.1 grams as compared to 2.7 grams for standard 90% silver coinage.

By far the most common counterfeit seated dime. Usually in a copper or brass type metal but one white metal coin seen (1861 C-102). A few have been seen nicely silvered. Brian Greer reports seeing one example, now untraced, from a different reverse paired with this obverse.

Plate Coins: G. Fortin Collection, VG-F Grade, B. Greer Collection, AU Grade, R. Lathrop Collection, EF Grade and C. Majtyka Collection, AU Grade

1861 Counterfeits: 101, 102

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