1854-O With Arrows

Counterfeit 101

 Obverse 1: Handcut Dies

Reverse A: Handcut Dies


Obverse 1                                                   Reverse A


Comments: Handcut dies; obverse with smaller arrows and poorly defined stars while reverse has irregular legend especially the difference in size of (OF) letters. Specimen exhibits normal coin turn die alignment. Composition of white metal, weight is 2.05 grams which is 82% of standard weight. Amount of wear suggests this counterfeit was effective enough to remain in circulation for a long period of time.

Mark Verbeck supplied the following detail description of his submission.

The date is too small and the two halves of the 8 are connected only by a thin line. The banner across the shield shows no trace of lettering. Stars are crude, and of various shapes and sizes, as expected.

The E in United has no center stroke, and the E in States has only a thin center line. There is a die break from above the center of the N through the U and into the field. The O in Of is too small, the F is double-punched at the top, and the C is almost completely closed. Most of the buds are too large and too round, resembling berries. The mintmark is quite round. The edge reeding is fairly well executed.

Plate Coin: Mark Verbeck Collection, VG Grade Estimate

Plate Coin: M. Verbeck Collection, VG Grade Estimate

1854-O With Arrows Counterfeits: 101

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