Counterfeit 102

 Obverse 2: Obverse of 1841 F-107

Reverse B: Reverse of 1841 F-107


Obverse 2                                                Reverse B


Comparion of Counterfeit with 1841 F-107




Comments: Counterfeit has copper core with a silver wash/plate and reeded edge, normal coin turn and weighs 35.5 grains. Obverse and reverse design elements closely match those of 1841 F-107. Nearly identical to the 1841-o C-101 in quality, workmanship, and weight. Chris hopes to secure a metallurgical comparison of 1841 C-102 and 1841-O C-101 to determine if both were created by the same pair of hands.

Plate Coin: C. Majtyka Collection, VF-EF Grade Estimate

1841 Counterfeits: 101, 102

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