LSCC Survey Spring 2019
What are the most challenging dates/years in Liberty Seated coinage?

Welcome to the 2019 LSCC survey on the most challenging years in collecting Liberty Seated coinage. Participation in this survey is open to LSCC members only (it requires reading the survey description, instructions, and example, as seen in the Spring issue of The Gobrecht Journal, Issue #134, on pages 38-40. You may use this web page to respond to the survey.

Instructions for completing this survey form:
  • Read the article in The Gobrecht Journal, Issue #134, pages 38-40.
  • Assign a number 1 through 10 in the box corresponding to the dates/years you pick as the most challenging. Assign the number "1" tothe most challenging, and the number "10" to the 10th most challenging, and everything in between.
  • Hit the SUBMIT SURVEY button at the very bottom of the page. Deadline for submission is May 15, 2019.
Your responses will be anonymized, however we ask each respondant to designate their name and Liberty Seated Collectors Club Member#, if known, so that we can ensure that you are a member. Your LSCC Member# can be found on your mailing label, or your membership card that was included with that issue of the Gobrecht Journal. Your email address is requested only so that we may confirm that we received your submission. Thank you for your cooperation and your participation!

Remember, please vote for only 10 years (leave five of them blank), and place a number 1 through 10 in the box corresponding to your choices for the most challenging years/dates to collect, where #1 is the most challenging. Thank you!
Survey Respondant information:
Date/Year Rank

Thank you for your participation in the survey.

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